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Welcome to Hook Head Adventures – We are an authentic Eco Adventure Tourism Company based on Wexford's Hook Peninsula in Irelands Ancient East! We love this stunning part of the country and know that you will too! 

Every adventure activity we provide is a perfect mix of excitement, local story's you'll hardly believe as well as our standard high levels of adventure and stunning scenery! Escape your comfort zone and let us welcome you into your adventure zone! 

We are committed to good environmental practice - We always leave a positive impact on the beautiful outdoor environments in which we use.

Come and experience Hook Head Adventures!  Don't just have a good time, Make it Mór!

Hook Head Adventures is operated by The Irish Experience

Hook Head Adventures is for you - the adventurers, the seekers of fun and the adventure travellers from both home and abroad. Our adventure activities are unique and a truly unforgettable way to experience Hook Head, Wexford in Irelands Ancient East. We know every inch of the Hook Peninsula and we want to share the beauty and adventure with you! We'll take you off the beaten track and show you the secret locations that will make your experience a truly memorable one. 

Certified by the high standards set at Failte Ireland and Green Tourism as well as by the adventure sport governing bodies of which we provide.

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Sea Cave Kayaking Experience

Please Read New Covid_19 Restrictions & Procedures Before Booking HERE. Hook Head Adventures offers you an amazing Sea Cave Kayaking Experience along the visually stunning South East coastline of Ireland, taking in the very best Atlantic Ocean location of Ireland's Ancient East. Sea Cave Kayaking is a truly unique and exhilarating way to explore this magical coastline. The visually stunning natural area around The Hook Peninsula in County Wexford is steeped in jaw dropping historical stories with a rich heritage and diverse wildlife, all of which you will enjoy during this unique experience.   We have an impressive variety of coastline packed with hidden gems including; golden sandy beaches, coves, cracks and crevasses which comprise of an impressive variety of Sea Caves. This includes one of the most impressive examples of a natural Sea Cave you will ever see or have the pleasure to enter by kayak! All this is ready and waiting for you to explore with us! Book Now! 

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Sunset Kayaking Experience

With tranquility and peace being the order of the day for some adventurers, Hook Head Adventures offers you the chance to Experience the beautiful Southern Sunset along the visually stunning coastline of the Hook Peninsula in Ireland's Ancient East. Sea Kayaking is a truly unique and exhilarating way to explore this rugged coastline any time but this fully guided sunset tour will bring your experience to a completely new level.   The stunning natural area around the Hook Peninsula in Ireland's Ancient East is very much steeped in history, with a rich heritage and diverse wildlife all surrounded by natural sea cliffs, caves, hidden coves and beaches. This beautiful set is framed for you by the stunning evening sun and will set your mood for the night ahead.   

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Sea Kayaking Mini Experience

Maybe our Half-Day 'Sea Cave Kayaking Experience' is a little too much for your young kids, in which case our Family Friendly Sea Kayaking 'Mini Experience' is the perfect choice for familys with young kids from the age of 5! (Please do not book adults only on this tour as it is not the Experience for you, please see Sea Cave Kayaking Experience)     Hook Head Adventures offers you and your family a fun filled Sea Kayaking "Mini Experience" in the visually stunning Baginbun Bay and coastline of the Hook Peninsula in Ireland's Ancient East. Sea Kayaking with us is a truly unique, exhilarating and fun way to explore and discover what this beautiful location truly has to offer. We'll find and land on hidden beaches, discover sea caves and check out the local wildlife while taking you and your family on an adventure to remember!   The stunning natural area around The Hook Peninsula in County Wexford is very much steeped in history with a rich heritage and diverse wildlife, we will discover all this along our way.    Minimum recommended minimum age : 5 Years Old Note : This experience is designed for families with young kids, please do not book in adults only, Children U12 must be accompanied by an adult/s in a double or Triple Kayak. Guide/Instructor cannot be provided to accompany a child in the same kayak

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Experience

Beginner SUP Experience on The Hook Peninsula, Co. Wexford. New to SUP? You’ve come to the right place. We will start you off on the right path and will make your SUP experience as easy as possible for you. We’ll go as far as to say that you are almost certainly going to stay dry. Yep, that’s right. Your wet-suit which we will supply is merely a formality! You’ll be on a board that is so stable that all you’ll need to do is enjoy yourself. Those are our primary goals for your first session, that you finish dry, and with a big smile, keen to get out for some more.   SUP made simple - Starting off on dry land, we familiarise you with the paddling and turning techniques, and that all-important first stand-up. Once we’re confident that you’ve got the hang of it, we get out onto the water, and paddle in the kneeling position (we call it the ‘safe position’), until you’re comfortable with paddling, turning and generally being on a board. Then we’ll get you up into the stand-up position, and head off for a cruise. The experience normally lasts 2 hours all in.

Tintern Abbey Kayaking Experience

Kayak in the ripples of the Great Knight, William Marshel who founded and built the visually stunning Tintern Abbey. This majestic Sea Kayaking Experience along the epically historic Bannow Bay and Hook Peninsula coastline in Southern Ireland takes in some of the very best Atlantic Ocean location of Ireland's Ancient East. Sea Kayaking is a truly unique and exhilarating way to explore this magical coastline. The stunning natural area around The Hook Peninsula in County Wexford is steeped in jaw dropping historical stories with a rich heritage and diverse wildlife, all of which you will enjoy during this wonderful experience  

Coastal Canyoning Adventures (Coasteering)

Due to the pandemic situation making it impossible for us to cover the required insurance premium this experience is not available for 2020, It will be back again in 2021 and it will be better than ever before! Coastal Canyoning Adventures or 'Coasteering' at Hook Head is an exhilarating and epic experience that is not to be missed! Experience the thrill of traversing the raw coastline while jumping off ancient limestone slabs into clear blue waters, sliding down natural waterslides, swimming through sea caves while surrounded by the stunning coastal scenery on Hook Head. See seals, porpoises, sun fish, star fish and other amazing creatures on this adventure to remember. With such a vast amount of features, Coasteering Hook Head will never disappoint. What is Coasteering? Coasteering is a combination of popular adventure sports! This exhilarating rock, cave and water activity can be delivered to every individual. Suitable for those with no fear of heights or water but also for those who may not be quite so confident in the water.  During your Coasteering Experience you will learn rock climbing and scrambling techniques as well as how to jump from heights safely. Wearing sturdy footwear, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets, participants travel along a section of coastline; sometimes sea swimming, sometimes scrambling on rocks and jumping from rocks into the clear blue sea.  

Stay & Play Adventures

Stay and Play on the stunning Hook peninsula and discover what exhilarating adventures that this magnificent, untouched coastal area has to offer. Let yourself unwind and let loose as we immerse you in the raw, rugged and majestic coastal landscape of the Hook Peninsula to enjoy some much needed adventure therapy to reset your mind and body.     Choose from one, two and three night packages in luxury lodge accommodation in the heart of the beautiful quaint village of Fethard-on-Sea. Enjoy breakfast each morning and a three course evening meal with locally sourced foods in the local gastro restaurant. Come away feeling refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world again.